Age Related Macular Degeneration – new diagnostic techniques being used at Cardiff University!

Technology normally used in the newest telescopes to find distant stars is now helping to diagnose the developed world’s most common form of sight loss in adults. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) leads to the loss of central vision when looking at something directly ahead, such as a television or book. In the UK, the number […]

A Newport man who partially lost his eyesight four years ago has picked up his paint brush again, determined to create art again.

Nic Hughes, 59, lost his peripheral vision four years ago as a result of a brain haemorrhage. Once a keen painter who held art exhibitions in Malpas and Caerleon, he stopped painting because of the loss of his vision. “It is like wearing blinkers on both eyes,” he said of his condition. Mr Hughes said […]

New Caerphilly Hearing Group – Caerphilly Hear to Meet

The new Caerphilly group for people with hearing loss met for the first time today (2nd July 2013) at St Helens RC Community Hall, Caerphilly. The group called Caerphilly Hear to Meet is a partnership between Action on Hearing Loss (AoHL) and Sight Cymru. 14 people attended (plus some family/friends) and enjoyed this launch meeting […]

June 2013 News

Cake ‘n’ Coffee Open Day at Caerphilly On Wednesday 26th June – our Supporting People Team held a Cake ‘n’ Coffee Open Day at New Cottage Dance Centre Ystrad Mynach Caerphilly. There were scrumptious welsh cakes, tea and coffee and visitors were able to chat with professionals about sight and hearing loss issues and practical […]

Wales & West Vision Conference 2013

Our conference this year was co-hosted with SeeAbility and proved to be a terrific partnership!. SeeAbility’s purpose is to encourage people who are blind or partially sighted and have multiple disabilities to achieve their full potential and enhance their quality of life. Working together in this partnership we were able to reach highly qualified speakers […]

Centenarian raises over £500 for Sight Cymru!

Elthel Woodward who lives in Swyffryd recently celebrated her 100th birthday. Congratulations Ethel! Always thinking of others Ethel asked friends and relatives not to bring presents to her celebrations – instead she wished to make a donation to Sight Cymru as she knows that the monies will be spent locally to help other people suffering […]