and breathe

16 Ways to Boost your Mental Health at Home

1)     Organise and de-clutter

Why not use all this time at home to sort out that ‘junk drawer’, arrange all your paperwork or refresh your wardrobe. You could even sell some unwanted items online or donate to a local charity shop.  A clear, clutter-free space does wonders for our mental state.

2)     Fresh air

Whether or not you are able to go for a walk, even just opening some windows or stepping into the garden for a few minutes can really do you the world of good.

3)     Start a new hobby or revisit an old one.

Learning something new or investing time in creating something is a great way to keep our minds active and positive, as well as being a great source of enjoyment.

4)     Take time for yourself

Practising ‘self-love’ as it is often referred to these days, can be something as simple as just sitting quietly for a few moments, watching your favourite film, eating your favourite food or taking a relaxing bath. Just making the conscious effort to do something to ‘treat’ yourself can make us feel great and enables us to de-stress.

5)     Stay connected

Even though face-to-face communications are pretty restricted right now and at times you may not feel very sociable, (we all have those days during this pandemic) try and make a conscious effort to stay connected with friends and family, with regular calls or messages.

6)     Practise gratitude

This can be such a powerful tool, especially at the moment. Taking the time each day to reflect on the positive things in your life can really lift your mood, whether it is being thankful for a tasty meal, a phone

call from a friend or a sunny afternoon; all these little things can really brighten our outlook when we stop to appreciate them.

7)     Eat well

We all know that eating well is good for our physical health but eating a well-balanced diet can have a positive impact on our mind and mood too, as it can help to balance out mood fluctuations, as well as enabling us to focus more and have a more general positive outlook.

8)     Drink water

Hydration is simply key…need we say any more on that one?

9)     Help others

This doesn’t have to be donating hundreds of pounds to a good cause, it can be as simple as offering your time or support to someone. As well as helping someone else it will make you feel good about yourself, everyone’s a winner!

10)   Sleep well

Sleep is so important and getting yourself into a good sleep routine is a good start, take the time to unwind and limit screen time before bed.

11)   Be active

Just making the effort to move a little more, even around the house, will help. Whether you try some online workouts, give yoga a go or just increasing your daily step count, it all makes a difference.

12)   Quieten your mind

Whether you choose to practise some meditation or just take 5 minutes each day to sit, breathe and clear your mind, just being present in the moment will help you relax.

13)   Practise Hygge

You may have heard of this Danish term before, but it basically refers to creating a mood of cosiness, comfort and contentment in your home, think soft neutral furnishings and decor, candles, calm lighting to set the mood.

14)   Set some goals or plan something to look forward to.

This will really help to keep you feeling positive.

15)   Break up the monotony

Establishing a good routine is really good for our mental health but now and again do something different to the norm to mix things up.

16)   Reach out and get help when you need it

‘We are all in this together’ is a saying we have heard many times in the past year, so just remember that when you are struggling, you are not alone and it will make you feel so much better by reaching out even for a chat on some of the days you are not feeling too good.

We are currently running an Emotional Support service, in which we have a dedicated team providing regular phone calls to check-in on people’s wellbeing and provide emotional support.

If you would like more information or to sign-up to this service please get in touch.