Accessible Technologies.

Our A.C.E Officer Calum joined the team back in 2019 to provide technology advice and support to people with sight loss within the South Wales region.

Depending on the needs of the service user, the help Calum provides can vary.  It could perhaps be suggesting a device, which he would then provide guidance and tuition on. For example, this could be something like a big button mobile telephone, that would allow the user to carryout things like: online banking and shopping, using social media and making calls and texting independently, which can really prove life changing for some users.

Calum can provide support on a wide range of software, technologies and devices, things like handy apps, smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, PCs ,  laptops and braille technologies.   Calum also runs a monthly drop-in centre   (this will be resumed when the Resource Centre is back-open post lockdown). This allows our service users to discuss and explore potential options for their technology needs, in the mean time if you do have a specific technology enquiry or want any general information about the support Calum provides, you can contact him on

Here is a little case study from Calum which demonstrated the fantastic results that can be achieved with his support.…

“When I first started work with Mrs ‘G’, I conducted an IT assessment with her to identify technology that would be most appropriate to her needs. Once we had established a clear idea of her main uses of internet, combined with other factors, I recommended a smartphone for her. Up until this point Mrs G had never used a smartphone. We started basic work, which included learning the layout of the smartphone with voice over.

For anyone that’s not sure what voice over is, it acts as a screen reader, allowing an individual with limited or no sight at all, to use the device with verbal feedback and screen gestures. Mrs G took to this like a ‘duck to water’ as they say, and over time, through my support and using her own self-initiative, Mrs G has gone from a non-user to someone who can independently call, text, bank & shop with the device.

To say that I am pleased with the success of Mrs G would be an understatement! There have been a number of fantastic success stories; however, this is definitely one that resonates in my mind. This story not only shows how technology can improve lives, it also shows that anyone is capable to learn with the right support”.