Blind Veterans launch No One Alone Campaign

They provide help and support for people with severe vision impairment

In the UK there are currently more than 68,000 men and women with vision impairments who served in the Armed Forces at some point, including former National Service personnel.

How Blind Veterans UK will help

Blind Veterans UK want to reach these people because they can offer them and their families practical help and support, specialist rehabilitation and training, equipment and care in their centres and in their homes, for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately many of them still don’t know about Blind Veterans, or if they do, they often assume they only help war veterans, as they did when they were first founded (as St Dunstan’s) in 1915.

However, things have changed since then and Blind Veterans UK now support veterans of all ages, whenever they served and whatever the reason for their sight loss.

Please help reach them! How you can help


Do you know anyone with a severe vision impairment who may have served in the Armed Forces? If you do please tell them about Blind Veterans, that would be a huge help. Remember that anyone who has served is eligible to join , no matter what the cause of their vision impairment.

Blind Veterans UK is free to join. Ring them on 0800 389 7979 or apply online at the Blind Veterans UK’s No One Alone campaign website