December 2012 News

Goggles Get Active and Creative!

‘’Goggles’’ is an activity club for children and their siblings, age four to sixteen years, who have a visual impairment. The club meets every fortnight on a Saturday afternoon to try out new activities, have fun and create friendships. Recently members of the club have taken part in a range of activities, including a Chocolate Making Workshop, Swimming, Arts and Crafts session, organised a Christmas Party and new activities have been arranged for the spring. All new members are more than welcome to participate in any session and if your child would like to come along, please contact: Lucy Payne on 07706 728134 or Jason Grubb on 07951 733063. Alternatively you can contact Sight Cymru on 01495 763650 for futher information.

The Welsh Government Eye Care Policy was published on 19th December; this is the document that will steer how the Welsh Government delivers excellent care for those with sight loss over the next five years so it is important that people feel they can contribute to it. In order to help people take part, we are running a Consultation Event on 27th February at Bradbury House, starting at 12 midday – including lunch. The event will include a presentation about the Government’s Policy and people will be able to discuss whether they feel there is anything missing from the policy or whether there should be amendments.

People will be encouraged to make their own responses to the government if they wish to do so, but we will also make a group submission. If anyone would like to come along, please email as we need to arrange refreshments.

The policy document is available on the Welsh Government website or by electronic copy from ourselves and others. Alternatively if you want a Braille or large print copy please contact Sarah.O’

Keep Warm & Well this winter – key tips:

  • please have a flu jab (contrary to popular belief it will NOT give you the flu!) as for most at risk groups it is free – check with your GP
  • if you are struggling with your heating bills, keep at least one room in the house warm and well insulated and spend your time there
  • try to get out for some exercise – a brisk walk every day is as good as formal exercise
  • visit your optometrist to have your eyes checked. Good eye health is essential to avoiding trips and falls. Phone 01495 763650 if you don’t know your nearest optometrist or need help getting there.
  • if you are struggling with finances let us check you are claiming all that you are entitled to.
  • If you have asthma or other respiratory problems don’t dry clothes on radiators and open a window a crack when you are cooking or bathing as too much moisture in the air will enable house-mites to multiply.
  • make sure you eat a healthy diet including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a good mix of proteins.

Now that we are in the grips of winter we thought that it would be useful to locate some easy winter warmer recipes in anticipation of colder weather. Below are some useful links:

  • Visit the BBC Good Food page for some really good recipes.
  • We also found this really useful site Great Little Ideas – that not only gives you simple recipes it also provides links to online shopping outlets Tesco and Asda which will automatically add the ingredients to your shopping basket!

If you would like more help to do this please contact our resource centre. We have staff who can help you to set up online shopping.