I T Company Micross – helps our charity!

We recently had real problems with our Resource Centre till recently and with the connected technology needed to operate it and, for a small charity, this is a huge headache. We have (POS) Point of Sale credit/debit card equipment which enables us to take payments from our blind and partially sighted service users – just as you would in any shop.

Our resource centre in Pontypool retails specialised equipment which aids people who are blind or partially sighted to live their lives independently as possible.   Many of the items we sell are vital for blind people, such as Big Button telephones, specialised magnifiers and gadgets that help blind people to make a cup of tea without burning themselves.  We rely on many outside agencies and businesses for support and are grateful for the support provided – our problem is that as a small charity we don’t have the large infrastructure that many businesses in the retail sector do. We contacted Micross Logic who are a specialist company.  The support they gave was second to none, and extremely helpful recently in helping us to rectify the problem (at one time we were looking at a bill of several hundred pounds, eventually all done for free).  Thank you Micross for outstanding service!!