One of our Trustees – Hilary Lester wins the Newport Student of the Year Award!

Hilary Lester recently won the Newport Student of the Year Award for her dedication to study and enthusiasm for learning. Hilary, who is visually impaired and uses screen reader software, has been attending level 4 IT modules run by the Centre for Community Learning since April 2012.

Her nominator Sarah Jones, a USW tutor, said: “Hilary has to use the screen reader software to listen to the instructions that I have written for her, remember what she has to do and then carry out the tasks set on the appropriate software package.

“Teaching a visually impaired learner like Hilary has been a new experience for me, and she has taught me how to paint a picture with words. She is a dedicated student who is always cheerful and motivated.

“Her success is down to her excellent keyboard skills, perseverance and amazing memory. I and every member of the class find Hilary inspirational.”

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