Geemarc Photophone 450 – £50.00

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The Photophone 450 amplified corded phone is a simple, easy to use, amplified telephone with changeable photo ID buttons. The Photophone 450 has been developed in conjunction with Action On Hearing Loss, for the hearing impaired and is ideal for those with who want a simple amplified phone which is hearing aid compatible. The Photophone 450 also has an extra loud hands-free speakerphone, loud ringer of 90Db and receiving volume of 40Db, ideal for those with a hearing loss. The bright strobe light flashes and the numbers light up when someone calls. Adjustable volume and tone, means you can adjust the sound to what suits you and what is most comfortable. The volume and tone control are discreetly placed but also easy to access, on the side of the phone and are slider style for ease of use.