Talking Weighing Scales (Kitchen)


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This easy-to-use kitchen scale announces the weight of your ingredients in a clear English male voice and the volume can be adjusted. Measures in Metric and Imperial. The scales give high and low tones, every five grams, when weights are adjusted slowly to help with precise measurements.
Touching the large easy-to-clean bowl causes the weight to be repeated, and the tare function allows you to zero measurements, before adding more ingredients.
 Accurate within two per cent.
 Bowl has a smooth surface for easy-cleaning and non-slip feet.
 Bowl inner diameter is 23cm (9.05 inches), depth is 10.6cm (4.2 inches).
 Base measures width by length by height: 17.5cm by 23cm by 8.3cm (7 by 9 by 3.28 inches)
 Supplied with a 9v PP3 battery and mains power adaptor.

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