Shining Staff Stars 2020

All Sight Cymru staff and volunteers have worked so hard this year. The Covid-19 pandemic, like for us all, has had such an impact on the organisation. It has meant staffing and role changes, adapting the way we work, while at the same time seeing an increase in demand for our services. To say it has been a roller coaster has been an understatement.

To mark the end of a tough year, we asked our team to nominate fellow staff members that have really made an impact this year. A tricky task as all the team really stepped up this year, but here we celebrate some of the shining stars at Sight Cymru.

Steph Bowen- Re-enablement Assistant

This lady did leave us briefly, it was difficult to let her go, but she certainly returned to us with a bang. She earned her nomination by convincing a service user to take up support that he very much needed. Many had failed at this previously –  social services, clinics and even his own family had tried and the family were desperate to get support for him, but he kept declining. This member of staff went along and worked with the service user, she demonstrated much empathy and understanding she won him over and managed to get him to access much needed support.

Lissa Gomer- ECLO Manager

This year has been a difficult year for us all and has been a pretty much stop and start service for most of us. However, this member of staff is a force and nothing can get in her way. She kept going and fought battles within and outside the organisation to ensure service users received the services and support they needed. When others make 10-15 contacts she continues to make 100+. She is driven and passionate about the service she provides to support people with sight loss.

Emily Taylor – Emotional Support Officer

She came to us as a volunteer and her work and efforts, along with the desire to get involved in all aspects has not gone a miss by anyone in this organisation. She picks things up and runs at a fast pace with it. We have put her into many roles and every time she has delivered above and beyond expectations, whether she is doing fundraising, awareness raising, working alongside ECLOs or providing emotional support, she has mastered all traits and an absolute delight to work with.

Becs Harris- Volunteer Co-ordinator

Someone who is a true doer. She has been with Sight Cymru for many years. She is someone who would take all twists, turns and bend backwards to ensure things happen. She has worn multiple hats within the organisations and keeps on delivering for us every time.  Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, she was someone I (as new CEO) could call and talk through any problems to come up with the best solution. She has been a great support for me and many of the staff.

Wendy Morris- Supporting People Officer

This person has been the longest serving member of staff at Sight Cymru. She ‘quietly’ works away to deliver service and support people, but her presence is certainly recognised by all. She is someone who would go above and beyond what is expected for her role. She will fight to make sure things happen and will certainly tell you as it is and keep you on your toes. Whilst most of us thought it was safer and better to stay at home, she wanted to get out and provide support to her service users who were in need. Wendy has not only exceled in her role in supporting people, but helped us to get the talking news back up and running, made a vast amount of support calls and supported our  fundraising efforts. She is such a willing member of Sight Cymru and her support makes things possible.

Esther Weller- Sight Loss Awareness Officer

Esther is honest and selfless in her work, she is a good listener and very supportive. She has not only helped with the wellbeing of our service users but also staff members during what has been a difficult year. She has put together training programmes and delivered them through virtual platforms, she has campaigned  to raise awareness of difficulties faced by people with sight loss in the community during Covid-19, provided  training on emotional support, wellbeing and equalities,  been successful in securing  funding for the charity and writing essential  policies and guidelines. It is safe to say Esther has been involved in all aspects of our work. Esther is a quiet member of staff, but a very willing member who has made her position known not only within the organisation but within the sector and wider, in a very short time.

A big well done and congratulations to all our winners. We are so thankful to have such an amazing team.

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