Sight Centre Cymru Project Update

The Sight Centre Cymru signposting service is planned to start in New Year 2013. We will soon be recruiting two staff for this new service. It is anticipated that we will pilot the service through Aneurin Bevan Health Board (Royal Gwent) for those people with Sight Loss in the Newport County Council area. We also hope to pilot in Cwm Taff Health Board area too, hopefully introducing the eCVI platform (to generate electronic Certificates of Visual Impairment) as part of that work. Talks are ongoing with both pilot Health Board areas and further updates will be issued in due course. We are also monitoring developments with the new Open Eyes (OE) Electronic Patient Record system with a view to working in future with an integrated OE/eCVI platform to speed up CVI completion and distribution. For more information on the project, contact Martin Griffiths, Project Manager at