Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Sky Take Strides in Accessibility

The TV broadcaster and service provider Sky recently announcement an update which they have begun to roll out to their SKY Q customers across the UK.

This update has great significance for any Sky customers that have visual impairments.  The key improvements include the much awaited ‘voice guidance’ accessibility option, which will act as a voice over/narrator when navigating the TV listings and other menu options.

This feature will enable a visually impaired person to access more of Sky TV’s content with much greater ease, greatly improving their experience of the service.  

For the customers that own the SKY Q voice remote, they will be able to turn on this feature by saying “turn on voice guidance” and  for the users that do not have this remote:

  • Locate settings in the Sky TV menu options
  • Find accessibility
  • In accessibility you should find voice guidance
  • Select this option to turn on the narrator

The update will only apply to SKY Q customers and the customer does not need to do anything to update the software as this will be done automatically. Sky will be rolling out the update over the course of April/May.

Sky also have a designated accessibility centre, to assist any of their customers that may need additional support. The telephone number for this department is 0344 241 0333.