Digitial Inclusion

Our Digital Inclusion service also known as our A.C.E. project aims to enable as many visually impaired people to access all forms of technology. Whether a complete novice or tech savvy, the support provided is accessible to all within South Wales.

The Covid-19 pandemic meant we all had to adapt to doing things a little differently from the norm, making us more reliant on the use of technology, from contacting friends and family, working from home and ordering our grocery shopping.

The A.C.E project aims to make technology accessible to a person with sight loss so that it can help to improve day-to-day living.

A.C.E provides a range of different tech support, this includes:

  • Smartphones, phones & tablets
  • PCs & laptops
  • Smart speakers & radios
  • Smart TV’s
  • General advice
  • Tuition
  • Support with other technology aids & equipment

The project is lead by Calum Briars and supported by Brett Lewis, you can find their contact detailed below:

or call 01495 763 650

To access the service you can make a self-referral or ask someone to contact us on your behalf.