Sight Cymru prides itself as the largest organisation supporting people with sight loss in Wales.

Sight Cymru (formally known as Gwent Association for the Blind and Sight Support) was established in 1865  to promote the welfare of people who are Seriously Sight Impaired (Blind or SSI) or Sight Impaired (Partially Sighted or SI) in Wales.

To us achieve this aim Sight Cymru:

  • Provide support or assistance to people in Wales who have or at risk of sight loss;
  • Assist Local Authorities, Health Boards, Local and National Government in the performance of their statutory duties to people who are Seriously Sight Impaired and Sight Impaired;
  • Promote the availability and sale of goods that will support people with sight loss to live as independently as they wish
  • Co-operate and collaborate with other organisations with similar objectives for the benefit of people who have, or who are at risk of having, sight loss in order to make the best use of available resources;
  • Undertake measures that prevent avoidable sight loss including raising awareness, training and providing information to the public, to carers and to professionals;
  • Undertake and collaborate into research that enables people who are at risk of sight loss or who have experienced sight loss to remain independent;

Sight Cymru provides a number of services including:

  1. Eye Clinic Liaison,
  2. Vision Rehabilitation,
  3. Talking News,
  4. Vision Impaired (VI) clubs and activities,
  5. Emotional support,
  6. Counselling,
  7. Advocacy,
  8. Training and awareness,
  9. Digital inclusion and
  10. Resource centre.

Our Head Office is at Bradbury House, Park Buildings, Pontypool, Torfaen, NP4 6JH. We do have our resource centre and charity shop based at 215 High Street, Blackwood, NP12 1AL. However we provide services across Wales.

Sight Cymru team outside the offices